Originally called 'Nous semons', 'We sow' is an initiative launched by Léa Beaubois, Marion Cachon and Paul Faure in Lyon (FR) during the spring 2016. This website archives the past French publications designed in collaboration. Also the English ones, mostly run by Paul and sowed in Ghent (BE) in 2017.
We Sow is an independent publication. Each issue is self-published by our collective and depends on our own financial ressources and means of risography printing. Therefore We Sow does not have a regular schedule yet but we do our best to publish an issue every two or three months.
We like to see We Sow as an underground printed matter that wants to share topics that seem to be rejected or forgotten from traditional media.
Once designed, printed and folded -by hand!-, the bags are sowed in many public spaces such as subway, public squares, bus station, etc.
We are curious about when and where you found your little bag, so please, send us a message also to share your thoughts about a text you liked, or dislike, suggest new ones, or just say hello :).